Our Eko logs are made from rice husks and offer a real alternative to traditional logs. Not only do they burner longer and hotter, but they give off minimum smoke and other pollutants. They can be used on all types of open fires, log burners, chimneas and firepits. Eko logs come in convenient shrink-wrapped packs and are clean and easy to handle. Unlike similar synthetic logs, no adhesives or chemicals are used in their production. You can find out more on how to use them by clicking here. >>>How to use Eko Logs

The benefits of using Eco-Friendly Logs include:

  • Cheaper than buying wood & coal
  • Each 9kg pack of 6 Eco logs burns, on average, between 9-11 hours
  • Made from 100% bio-waste - so no harmful tree felling
  • Clean flame - so no soot
  • Great for the garden as the ash can be used as a fertiliser
  • Our Eko-Heat Logs emit 20% less carbon dioxide than other wood-based alternatives!
  • Clean and easy to store

I have tested them thoroughly myself and they are a very good alternative to wood logs. They work well on their own or together with normal wood logs. I found them very good at 'staying the distance' when you want to bank-up your fire or burner at night. You will be pleasantly surprised the following morning. (Make sure the logs are cool when removing ash!) Another plus is that there is no spitting and every log has the same dimensions and very low moisture content. But don't take my word for it - read Daniel's detailed testimonial.