Eko-Heat Logs should be stored in a dry environment at all times. Contact with any fluid may result in reducing the burning quality of Eko-Heat Logs.

Where to use
Eko-Heat Logs can be used with any appliance as a replacement fuel for wood. This includes (but is not limited to) Open Fires, all types of Stove, Chimineas, Fire Pits, Heaters and Pizza Ovens.

How to use
Start your fire as you would do normally with firelighters, kindling, coal etc and ensure that the base is at maximum temperature before adding Eko-Heat Logs. It is recommended to start off with one Bio Fuel Log to test the heat and then add additional Eko-Heat Logs as required. Eko-Heat Logs can be added one at a time as one log, or can be easily broken in half using a hammer, axe or the edge of a hard surface – please note that minimal pressure is required when breaking. No other fuel is required to sustain the fire once the Eko-Heat Logs are in use, however other recognised fuels can be used with Eko-Heat Logs provided normal safety guidelines are followed. The temperature of the fire must be maintained at a high temperature in order to add additional Eko-Heat Logs

After use
Eko-Heat Logs are made from 100% plant bio waste and the remaining ash can therefore be deposited on gardens as a fertiliser.