There is a lot of mis-information in the market relating to the quality of logs and that can make it difficult to choose your supplier.

However, we're here to help you economically heat your home with sustainable high-quality firewood dried via a carbon neutral process.

We provide hardwood logs with the lowest possible moisture content (<25%) that are all stored inside where air can flow freely to continue the drying process. We are happy to demonstrate this -either at our premises or when we deliver.

Our hard-wood logs are supplied in nets, barrow bags or loose, depending on your requirements and storage space. The logs in our nets are typically 250 mm in length, whilst those in the barrow bags range in length from 175 mm to 250 mm. This gives added convenience when using the logs and minimises wasteage.

Facts about Logwarts

  • We only sell low moisture hardwood logs and eko logs (made from recycled rice husks)
  • All our hardwood logs come from renewable sources
  • All our hardwood logs have been stored indoors for at least 6 months
  • We don’t supply inferior logs from coniferous trees*
  • We don’t use the term ‘seasoned logs’ – we think it’s misleading

You may have seen adverts like this: “For Sale: Seasoned logs 1 ton bags” with prices as low as £45

A 1 ton bag of logs as advertised doesn’t contain 1 ton of logs. The phrase refers to a typical builder’s bag, which would hold 1 ton of sand or aggregate. A typical builder’s bag might hold around 200 -250 kg of low quality wet logs and around 150 kg of high quality dried hardwood logs. (Of course it also depends on the uniformity of the logs and how they’re packed). Therefore buying by weight can be mis-leading. So when choosing your logs, it’s probably better to look at the volume or quantity of logs on offer. Nets of logs are very common, but sizes of nets and prices vary considerably so check what you’re getting.

* Coniferous logs have poor heat quality and cause unwanted deposits in your burners and flues. However remember that whatever types of fuel you burn, you must have your chimneys/flues checked and swept regularly.

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