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Unhappy with poor quality, irregular damp logs? Unhappy with unreliable deliveries?
Logwarts is Warwickshire's leading supplier of high quality, pre-packed carbon-neutral hardwood logs.
In addition we supply Eco-friendly logs, kindling, coal, fire-lighters and other heat products.
We always carry a large stock of logs at our premises near Wootton Wawen.

We offer free delivery within a radius of 15 miles from our premises on orders of £50 and above.

Contact us on 0781 325 8067 or 01564 792582 to order your logs in plenty of time for autumn

All our products are either natural logs from trees that have been cut down to allow others to grow or environmentally-friendly waste products. We have done our best to size our carbon neutral dried (under 20% moisture content) hardwood logs to accommodate the majority of log burners and open fires.
They are also fine for firepits, chimineas, pizza ovens and stoves.

Our pre-packed hardwood logs are supplied in woven sacks that allow them to breathe for ongoing drying.
We also supply logs in larger barrow bags if you prefer. Three of these are equivalent to a Builders' Bag.

Our kindling is all sourced from waste hardwood logs, which we call 'scratchings'. These provide ideal material to get your fire going very quickly and are better than normal soft wood kindling.

I have introduced an Eko log into the mix as well. We are all having to come to terms with the products we use globally and to stop polluting the world. Some countries do it better than others. The Eko log has no connection with wood and is in fact a waste food product made from the husks of rice. Note that the logs contain no adhesives or other polluting binding material so should not be confused with the majority of similar looking products.
For further information please contact us.

I have tested them thoroughly myself and they are a very good alternative to wood logs. They work well on their own or together with normal wood logs. I found them very good at 'staying the distance' when you want to bank your fire or burner up at night. You will be pleasantly surprised the following morning. Another plus is that there is no spitting and every log has the same dimensions and low moisture content.
You can read more on the web link above for further advantages.


We will deliver free within a 15 mile radius from our premises (see Contact Page link below) for orders £50.00 and above. For delivery costs outside this area please call us.

Alternatively please contact us (0781 325 8067 or 01564 792582) to arrange a mutually convenient time to pick up your logs from our premises.
You can email orders: tony@greymillfarm.co.uk
(See Contact Page for map)

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