Are you burning more logs than you need?

If the door(s) on your log burner don't shut and seal correctly, then excess air will enter the burner, resulting in inefficent burning and excess fuel usage. Door seals should be replaced on a regular basis. If you're in any doubt, give us a call and we'll check them out for you.
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Where can Eko Logs be used? Eko logs are ideal for both open fires and wood, coal & oil burning stoves.

What are Eko Logs made out of? Our Eko friendly logs are made from rice husk food bio-waste, which means they are completely Eco-friendly

How do you light Eko Logs? We recommend that you light a fire as you would do normally and add the logs once the base of the fire is at maximum temperature.

How do Eko logs burn? The Eko logs burn with a good flame and a very strong and consistent heat which is noticeably stronger than wood or other log briquette alternatives. They have a very low moisture content, typically 6-8% moisture, compared with wood logs which typically have 20 - 25% moisture.

What do Eko logs smell like? There is no distinct smell from the eko logs and very little smoke.

How long do the Eko Logs burn for? Each log burns for easily over one hour and if used on a low setting in stoves, can last up to almost 2 hours.

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