EKO LOGS ARE GREAT -but don't just take our word for it!

Hi Tony,
I have now completed my trial on the Eko logs that you kindly supplied and am delighted with the results. When I first had them, I put a whole pack on our burner which took the temperature in the flue to 500 degrees and stayed in for six hours!

Clearly a more controlled trial would be required to understand how they could be used efficiently.

We have a large (500 m2) isolated farm house on the Welsh Hills that is exposed to the weather at an altitude of 290m above sea level. The old part of the house is 400 years old with newer additions in the last 15 years, this, coupled with having a young family, means we are serious about heating our home efficiently. Back in 2013 we installed a Stovax-16 log burner to heat the living room and the thermal store. It has a 22kw output, 7 into the room and 15 into the thermal store. We bought it with the expectation of providing all the heating and the hot water for the whole house.

It is modern and efficient and serves us well. However what we are finding is that despite having a large stock of seasoned ash and oak (down to 15% moisture), we are unable to maintain a constant 60 degrees in the thermal store over-night. So whilst the burner may still be glowing in the morning, the radiators are no longer hot as the thermostat in the thermal store is not turning on the pump.

We have found that the Eko logs burn hotter and longer than both the oak and ash, so when we go to bed, banking the fire up, we add a couple of the Eko logs. This keeps the thermal store hotter for longer, whilst keeping the firebox hot all night, which means that we just through a couple of morning sticks on in the morning and the central heating pump soon kicks in and heats the radiators. We maintain an average temperature around 28 degrees around the log burner and in the kitchen we maintain a variance of around 15 to 18 degrees between the outside and inside temperature, without using a drop of oil.

It is not just during the night that Eko logs work for us. We run the Stovax continuously, so we consume a large quantity of logs, however we have found that by putting an Eko log in with the oak and ash (one in the morning and one in the afternoon), we use fewer logs to maintain the same temperature.

So the benefits are three fold:

  1. We are warmer overnight
  2. We use fewer logs
  3. We save money - the cost of the Eko logs is less than the equivalent cost of the logs that we would have used. 

In summary, the Eko logs are helping us to maintain a comfortable temperature within our home without having to resort to oil, thus saving money in a low carbon way.

I have put some photos of the logs and the burner which you may find interesting and useful.

Thanks again for the Eko logs, we are delighted with them

Kind regards